About toddlerstuff

It’s quite a shock when your little baby gets an attitude all of her own!

Don’t panic, though. You’re about to travel through a wonderful period in your child’s life where everything is new, exciting and (at times) overwhelming. There will be ups, downs and – yes- tantrums along the way. But you’ll get through it together.

Here at toddlerstuff, mums share what has worked for them and their toddlers. We know you don’t have much time, so our tips are quick to read and easy to try out.

After all, you don’t want to turn your back on you toddler for too long, do you? Who knows what she might get up to when you’re not looking!

We’d love to hear your opinion too, so please do leave us some comments.

Good luck – we’re with you all the way!

The contributors to toddlerstuff are:

Helen Lindop of businessplusbaby.com

Frances Weir of bigbooklittlebookcardboardbox.co.uk


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